System Features & Improvements 2020

System Features & Improvements 2020

Dan Crow

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve, streamline and evolve our systems for both clients and customers. Here’s just a handful of the useful features, changes and modifications that we have released this year: 

Checkout Flow 

We've improved our checkout process by improving the speed & UI, reducing the amount of required data and adding new payment options. 

We’ve updated our hosted gateway integration with IPG Pay to a quick checkout pop-up option, removing the redirects to the hosted gateway and added Union Pay to our current card options, Visa, Mastercard and Amex. 

Digitial Track & Track

You can now collect customers phone numbers or emails on our in-venue Box Office POS solution as well as Online to aid your re-opening and COVID-Responsible plans.

RFID Refunds 

The following updates have been made to our RFID refund system: 

  • Updated user interface
  • It’s now possible to set a minimum balance for refunds. 
  • Data collection questions or a terms and conditions tick box at the end of the process. For example: "did you enjoy the event?"

Integrated Host PICS 

We’ve added functionality to support host/client PICS and Opt-in for Direct Marketing. As part of our completion of the AIA TPSA the Zicket system now supports data collection and terms for 3rd party data collection. 

Custom Checkout Questions 

There have also been improvements to the custom questions available as part of the checkout. These can be used for a wide range of uses including: 

  • 3rd Party Data Collection & Opt-in 
  • Questionnaires on your Event & Purchase 
  • Marketing Feedback Questions 
  • Upsell items like T-Shirt Sizes and Product Colours 
  • Heath Declarations 
  • Sequential Numbering for Marketing Initiatives of Prize Draws 

Questions can be added per order or per ticket with a wide range of display and user selection options to support a greater range of questions and responses. 

Data Security 

In continued efforts to protect personal data, we have installed a ‘principle of least privilege’ to our system by masking customers personal data from all order and ticket exports for hosts and clients.

Additional Currencies

We now accept THB (Thai Bahts and USD (United States Dollar). Support currencies now include: 

  • HKD - Hong Kong Dollar 
  • SGD - Singapore Dollar 
  • THB - Thai Baht 
  • USD - United States Dollar